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Answer for question 4352.

Have you ever had a disastrous job interview? If so, what went wrong?
I think the worst job interview I had was my very first one.

It was supposed to be on phone, and I was deathly afraid of fucking up. I took steps to make sure I didn't, either. My cellphone was charged, my call settings were good and crisp and clear and ready to go; I had practiced with family and friends alike... I was gonna ace this!

But for some reason, my cellphone took a crap on me. Considering the model was aging at the time, even for a smartphone, I was surprised to see -- or, actually, hear... nothing! My phone was working properly when I went to call my dad just a couple of hours ago, and even shortly after this incident... and yet, I could not hear the lady on the other end of the line. I hadn't pressed the mute button, either, so I was very confused... and very apprehensive.

Fortunately, I was able to schedule a face to face interview, and I got the job soon afterward, so... I guess things worked out for the best, after all!

Bullshit and Artwork.

Sorry for being inactive lately.

I've been doing good. The high alert week went pretty well; from what I've heard there wasn't much of a problem dealing with the people visiting our store... however, they implemented a new system as to how to do a certain duty that my department covers. A good idea in practice, as it eliminates one task. Y'see, we have to go around and check/adjust/fix the entire place hours before the store even opens... this new system is supposed to eliminate one major step (except for certain areas) and save time, so we can just go straight ahead and adjust things as required.

HOWEVER. That did not go so well. We only ended up having a fraction of the store completed, and even then there was just a huge gap that left plenty of room for error... needless to say, it actually took almost two hours longer than expected. Supposedly, we're the first in the area to try it out, out of a small handful of other places.

Long story short -- it's gonna be a boog while before we get to the point where we probably should be. x_x

In the meantime, I've been busy drawing a few palette challenge requests from Tumblr in my free time. There are posts that circulate that list a variety of limited colors on a single palette, and then you're supposed to draw a character with a pallete someone chooses. There are some variants, like one of them has a list of palettes, then a list of emojis, then you're supposed to draw with one emoji expression and one palette set.

Here, lemme show you a few that I've done this past week! :>

You will have to click them to view the full size, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless! Wonder if you recognize any of these characters? ;)

Megatron's my personal favorite. *w*

Bubble milk tea and other shenanigans.

I got the chance to try boba tea out for the first time yesterday. Kinda surprising, too, considering that there are several places I could have bought one of these babies throughout the Valley.

But damn, do they taste good. I got to try out a strawberry milk tea in one of the more popular boba tea places. It was slightly chocolately, and the pearls were really nice and chewy... *w* While I still do love my coffee, I'll definitely be sure to have some of these more often. B^)

Matter of fact, I'll probably enjoy one tomorrow while I still can -- there's gonna be a lot of... I don't want to say chaos, but we're gonna be on our toes a lot this week, I guess I could say. We're gonna have a lot of important people popping by this week. I can't say who, but I will say that we've busted ass to make sure the place is in tip top shape for the last couple of weeks. We've been killin' it so far, and we've already impressed some of the visitors from last week. They're coming in this week, starting tomorrow -- so we gotta be on our best behavior.

Maybe one of them mango flavored milk teas would soothe my jangled nerves... ;>

Small update

Hello! :>

Nothing too new from me, really. Work's been going pretty good, my art process not so much (but I'm getting there!). I'm gonna try and get into the action with International StreetPass Week today (or tomorrow), and I'm having lunch with my Dad today. Not sure where, all I know is that he wants to have lunch. We used to go to this one Mexican place, but it always makes him feel lethargic when he goes back to work, so we're gonna try someplace different... Px

I'm sorry for not having anything too interesting to write down at the moment, or updating frequently for that matter -- I really don't have anything huge to write about this week! Dunno if that'll change next week, but here's to hoping, eh? :P

Until then, I've found a short movie that was presented in Evo 2014. If you like Street Fighter, you will definitely like this! If not, watch it anyway. It's an iterpretation of a backstory from one of the major characters of the series, and (in my opinion) it does a great job in what it's trying to do.

Here it is!:

Answer for question 4330.

What is your favorite family recipe? Do you know how to make it or is it secret? If it's not a secret, and you know how to make it, please share it!
My mom's (not-so)world famous Sinigang! It's a sourish Filipino stew and it's incredibly yummy. Shit goes back all the way to my childhood; whenever I got sad or sick, Momma always used to make it and I felt better immediately. <3

I do know how to make some, however! I cannot share it, as my mother's particular way to make it is a family secret! Muehehehe. >)

Mortal Kombat X?

Makes me kinda wish I had a PS4 or an XBox One. More so the XBox One, because that also has Killer Instinct.

But, I'll happily wait until June for the recent installment to be released for the PS3. I've got some games to distract me until then... that, any my brother probably has the game already, since he has the One, so I can always catch a plane to Visleck and bug him to let me play it. xP

In other news, the job I'm working at right now recently gave me more hours -- which is great, 'cause I work part time, so every little bit of extra money helps. :) They actually wanna train me for another aspect of my position, so they're goinna train me and the other new guy at the same time. Long story short, I'll be working Tuesday and Friday morning, along with Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I usually work Friday nights, but I guess this part of the job is more important because they're willing to change that day around. *Shrugs.*

I'm kinda curious as to what it entails, anyway... I guess I'll find out what I'm in for on Tuesday! Until then, I'm gonna go ahead and do my thing and just chill out.. Also I want more Splatterhouse icons so I'll see if I can quickly make some! Hoo hoo hoo!!1

Answer for question 4326.

Which languages do you speak or read? If you know multiple languages, why did you learn more than just your native language? If you could learn another language fluently, which would it be and why?
I know this question is a couple of days late, but I'm gonna go ahead and answer it anyway!

Fun fact, I can actually speak some conversational Spanish! It's hella rusty, though, 'cause I don't really use it a lot anymore... I can also speak an abysmal amount of Tagalog and German. I learned -- or, should I say, I want to learn more about -- these languages for a multitude of reasons, but mostly to communicate more efficiently with the people I care about. Friends, family, co-workers... Also, my brother's stationed in Germany; it'd be nice if I knew a little bit should I get the idea to visit him, lol.

No questions, I want to learn to speak fluent Tagalog. My mother was on the path to teaching me when I was younger, but then people started making fun of me (I stutter IRL), so she stopped because the people thought her teaching me her native tongue was making my problems worse... :S
Haha, holy shit.

It's weird logging in onto something you haven't updated in a few years and reading through stuff. You kinda see how much you've grown since then... Or, at least, moving out of my aunt's house.

TL;DR - Lived alone for a while, went through two jobs, kind of improved art wise. Also learned some things about myself and family that I didn't know was possible. I'd prefer to forget about some people for now.

I contemplated deleting my LiveJournal, but I decided to keep it, along with the silly journal entries I wrote. If anything, comparing it to my Tumblr and devART now might give me some insight on how mellow I've gotten... I think? Hah! They don't really reflect on how I view the world or mt surroundings anymore, though, so keep that in mind when you read through them, please. v.v'

My interests slightly changed, too. Still keeping most of my userpics, but I've added a couple of new ones and removed a couple too... gotta compensate somewhere! ;P

Until then, I'll be cleaning up my profile and customizing my blog. May or may not post some artwork too, iunno!