House of Splatter.

A 2x4? Handy. Let's do some fuckin' carpentry!

Good evening, my friend! How can the great Koop Dubious help you?

21/June 10|F

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Thank you all for coming onto my blog!

As you may already know, the name’s… Koop. You can call me Bridgelina, too, if you want, but I mostly go by Koop or Koopy on the internet. P:

I’m twenty one years of age and on the track to becoming a graphic artist. Also, my job has a lot to do with electronics.

Mixed race, bisexual, but I don’t have much of a preference on gender — it fluctuates. ;\ Mom’s a Filipino and Dad’s one of those evil straight white guys.

I also have a brother, I call him Mac to protect his identity a bit. He’s in the Army so I don’t get to talk to him so much anymore, but I still care about him a lot.

Check it.

I’m hella quiet, but I’m one fuck of a nerd. Always been really into video games and music, since I spent my entire life surrounded by that kinda thing. Amongst other things, I tend to look up a lot of Splatterhouse, Demon’s Crest, Pokemon, The Birthday Massacre, and Stolen Babies. If I see anybody posting one or more of those things, chances are that I will look upon you with super high regard. *w*

Drawing? Art? I BUTCHER IT IN MY FREE TIME. Gotta tag for it, somewhere… I really love to roleplay, too; I can get super long-winded with that shit. Careful! :’3